When a friend, colleague, or relative is unwell, you should gift them something so that they feel better. You can either opt for tried-and-tested methods like letterbox-get-well-soon gifts or come up with unique gifting ideas. Even an inexpensive gift or a simple gesture goes a long way in cheering them up.

Here are a few things you could gift your loved ones when they are unwell:

  • Adult Colouring Book

Colouring books are not just meant for children. These are for everyone who has a creative bend of mind and likes to draw. When somebody is unwell, they would find it difficult to do physically demanding tasks. By gifting them a colourful book, you can be sure that they remain engaged without putting any strain on themselves.

  • A Handwritten Letter

We live in the era of e-mails, DMs and social media posts. The charm of a handwritten letter, however, cannot be replicated by any of these things. When you write a letter with your own hands, it shows that you truly care. Apart from writing a get-well-soon message for them, you could also add a few lines about their importance in your life or what they mean to you.

  • Flowers

If you are not sure what your friend, who has been unwell, will like, you should stick to a safe approach and send them a bouquet of flowers. There is nobody in this world who doesn’t like flowers. The bouquet could be accompanied by a thoughtful and personalised message that should help in uplifting their spirit.

  • Photo Collage

If the person is very close to you, you must have spent several memorable moments together. When they are unwell, one of the best ways to bring a smile to their face is to make them revisit those memories. Pick some of the best pictures that feature the two of you, make a physical collage and mail it to them.


Thanks to e-commerce platforms, you can send get-well-soon wishes or gifts to a loved one even if they are based in another town or city. If you are looking for a get-well-soon care package in the UK, you should buy one from Monty & Ridge.